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Ex-Love and External Affairs

With the rising westernization and with the advancements in technology, it has become extremely easy for people to get into a relationship with another person other than their husband or wife. And it is also easy to start communication or hold a relationship with an old forgotten lover, also because of the advancement in technology and westernization of thoughts.

However, we all agree to the fact that these relationships are considered highly unethical and they are both against law, and against morals that we uphold here in India. But this can not be induced into a person’s mind. People have to understand the need to abide by honesty in relationships, and for the ones that do not do it, it is their spouse who suffers its effect. This would lead to potential degradation of the relationship, making the other person feel cheated, insecure and unworthy.

While some tolerate it, others decide to walk out of the relationship. However, we as Astrologers would like to stress the point that there could be a solution to such problems of ex-love or extramarital affairs.

If you are someone who is dealing with such issues with your spouse, then, do go through our website or contact us for more information on the same.

Dealing with those lifelong extramarital affairs

We get to see so many people around us who are dealing with the extramarital affairs that have spurted in their relationships. It's a sad truth that couples do justify such arrangements owing to the state of boredom that has set between the two.

This starts with your spouse being less responsive or spending less time at home with you and the family. There are also chances that they spend a lot of time over their phone and are constantly talking over the phone. They give unjustifiable reasons to go out of the house and somehow one day you catch them red-handed.

However, there are so many who have settled with their spouses having an extramarital affair and are ready to deal with it lifelong. Extramarital affairs leave the other one in the relationship in deep pain that can never be healed from anything. But married couples do settle for this may be due to kids, or societal pressures.

Well, you no longer have to deal with this, because we have with us some of our expert astrologers who are well-versed in solving issues like this, while also ensuring total privacy concerning you and your family’s identity.

We have dealt with several clients who are dealing with such issues and we can't express enough how happy they have been after seeking our help. So without any further delay contact us to book your appointment, because we can't wait to get your lives on track.

Causes for ex-love and extramarital affairs

Causes of extramarital affairs can be plenty and some may also be unexplainable. However, out of the experience that we have and the number of clients that we have dealt with, we would like to give you a few reasons as to why someone takes up ex-love and extramarital affairs.

1. Forced marriages where one of them is not interested to hold any relationship with the other one.
2. Lack of physical intimacy among couples would make one of them seek it outside of the marriage.
3. Differences of opinions and priorities among couples would leave nothing common between them.
4. Lack of trust would also make a person do such things so that he makes the other one feel bad.
5. Rising incompatibility, which leads to unpleasant fights every day.
6. Easy availability and accessibility to another person outside the marriage. Offices would be the culprit in most cases.
7. Stress and financial issues may also sometimes lead a person to seek out something that makes them feel better.

If the above are few physiological and situational reasons, sometimes the main cause for all the above pointers could be the misalignment of stars in your birth chart. Maybe you are in a bad phase of life due to ill effects from some planetary motion. And this astrological problem would be one of the most important reasons for your spouse to be cheating on you.

Destroying those successful extramarital affairs

The seventh house in the birth chart is more probably the one responsible for your spouse holding an extramarital affair. The expertise that the Astrologers with us have got, lets them scan through your Kundali or your birth chart thoroughly and get an insight into where this is all coming from. They are so well-versed in dealing with these cases, that they can tell you all the details, including the cause and duration of this particular problem in your life.

The Astrologer would then provide you with required solutions, which would comprise mantras, shlokas, worshipping a particular deity, or being on a fast. These solutions will work surely to destroy those successful extramarital affairs that your spouse has been having.

Trust us with your ex-love and extramarital affairs problems

All that you need to have in us is trust so that you can share every small detail about your problem with our Astrologers, which would in turn help them to solve your problems with ease.

Also, we would like to specify that your identity and the information provided to us is confidential and we will make sure that it stays only with our specialist Astrologer in Bangalore who is guiding you.