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Marriage Problems

Marriage in Indian society is supposed to be one of the most important phases of one's life. The majority of the years of your life happens to be with the one you marry and therefore to choose the right life partner becomes of utmost importance. The quality of your life and your happiness mostly depends on the quality of the relationship with your spouse.

But the fact is that we do not always have a hold on what is written in our fate and then we end up making some wrong decisions on the go. And this one decision would later make us go through some endless series of problems in our married life because we did not make that one right choice.

However, we are happy to announce that we at Famous Kollegal Astrology Centre are here to help you fix all of your marital problems so that your life becomes happier and easier. Our experts are here to understand, analyze and give you the strength and the solution in the best way possible.

Our solutions to Marriage common problems

Each couple has a different dynamic, and so, the problems that one couple faces are very different from the other ones. It is very important for us, Astrologers, to understand the exact category of problem you're facing so that we can provide you with appropriate solutions.

However, during our practice, there are some Marriage common problems which we get to see at our center and some of these are, Marriage in Blood Relation Problems, Marriage Financial Problems, Marriage With Cousin Problems, Marriage Age Difference Problems, Marriage Same Blood Group Problems, Marriage Early Problems, and a few others.

Our experts have a well-formulated plan to tackle each one of these problems and provide you with solutions that would help you regain that happy space in your marriage.

So we highly recommend you to go through various services that we provide and book your slots at the earliest.

Knowing about marriage problems and solutions

Marriage as we discussed is a beautiful union of two people. It seems all good and heavenly in the beginning, however, as time passes by the couples face differences in their opinion and choices and this will eventually create a big barrier between the two of them, thus leaving them amidst chaos and unhappiness.

While ending the marriage is not always an option in Indian society, that is why we at Famous Kollegal Astrology Centre have brought you to some tested and permanent marriage problems solution Astrologer in Bangalore. And it is now important for you to know about some of these solutions that we implement here so that you get an idea about services.

The first and foremost thing that our Astrologer in Bangalore do is to study both of your birth charts because most of your problems are a result of the alignment of the planets concerning your birth chart. After understanding the alignment is when they would suggest the appropriate solution.

Some of these solutions include growing and worshipping the Tulsi plant. Tulsi plant is believed to increase the bonding between the couple thus spreading joy at home. Also, some remedies include the women fasting, the couple wearing a certain colored dress, donating a particular food, or worshipping a particular temple. Also one of the powerful ways to resolve problems is by donating black sesame and urad dal on Saturdays, this is believed to be highly effective and it is said to resolve problems quickly.

These have been some of the most common remedies that have worked to fix problems between couples. However, we would still need you to consult our experts to understand which of these suits your problem.

We understand marriage first-year problems

While the initial years of marriage are said to be the happiest, there are always some challenges the couple has to cope with during these years.

Adapting to a new environment, a new lifestyle, managing finances, problems with in-laws, change of house, changes in food, problems satisfying each other's physical needs, pressure to have a baby, and a few more. While these seem simple and solvable, it doesn't always happen that way. Couples get into tremendous amounts of stress thus making it worse for them to handle anything like this. And this slowly leads to a lot of differences between the two, which probably becomes difficult to resolve.

This is where you would feel like you need external help. We, at Famous Kollegal Astrology Centre and always here to help you pass through the challenging marriage first-year problems with ease.

We also address second marriage problems

While for some the first year of marriage seems turbulent and then they adapt to each other, there are a few other couples who pass through the first year happily, however, they seem to lose interest in each other during the consequent years.

The reasons for this could be extra-marital affairs due to boredom with a partner, this in turn leading to lack of physical intimacy. Sometimes it would be due to differences of opinions in financial aspects, or a few other forms of mental and physical harassment mostly on the girl from the husband and his family.

These difficulties may sometimes lead to divorce or separation of the couple and these people end this relationship and get ready to dive into another person’s arms.

However, it is not so easy to find a suitable partner for a second marriage and we have some clients who come to us with such second marriage problems.

With the Famous Kollegal Astrology Centre, we just want to assure you that we would help you find a suitable partner and all that you need to do is trust us.

Find ways to fix marriage communication problems

We would also like to emphasize that we fix issues like marriage communication problems. This may seem a very unimportant and easily resolvable conflict within the couples, but lack of communication or miscommunication can sometimes create a great drift between couples.

Our Astrologer without doubt has tricks and tips to solve even issues like this.